Do you have PCOS + Struggle to Lose Weight no matter how Hard YOU Exercise?

  • Are you struggling with what exercises you should be doing to best get fit + heal your body that will ACTUALLY work for us cysters?
  • Are you struggling with lack of support because after spending hours + hours in the gym you are right where you started but your girlfriends lost all the weight after just a few quick sessions?
  • Have you given up with exercising because you have tried every workout plan you can get a hold of, but your clothes don't fit better, the scale barely moved, and you are tired all the time?
  • Are you plain NOT motivated any more because you are tired of working your booty off + seeing absolutely ZERO results? (Talk about buzz kill!)

If you are waving your hand in the air, thinking "THAT'S ME! THAT'S ME!" to any of the above problems, my latest project is totally for you, Cyster!


What is the Lose it, Cyster Exercise Program?

The Lose it, Cyster Exercise Program is a fun, no-nonsense program dedicated to helping you find + stick to your very own successful exercise plan to beat PCOS without losing your sanity!

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  • How to Leverage my 5 part formula to finally GET RESULTS with Exercise despite your PCOS!
  • How to utilize my metabolism boosting cardio workouts to slash the time you spend working out each day!
  • How to implement my "secret sauce" of workouts to boost your metabolism, shape your booty, + get you the results you dream about!
  • How to leverage your time and energy so you can minimize time in the gym -wham, bam, and done!
  • How to tweak all workouts so they work FOR your body type instead of AGAINST it!
  • How to make working out feel like a guilty little pleasure (one that you will have you pleading for more from me)!
  • How to craft a dream-worthy workout will not have a choice but to LOVE your new body!
  • and so many more exciting, sparkly, + dream-worthy results...

Real success stories, from real cysters!

Here are 5 reasons that make this the best exercise program for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome!

  • It Takes the Minimum Effective Dose Approach

    When you workout too hard, you can send your hormones screaming all over the place. When you don’t workout enough, you won’t have any impact on your hormones. The best approach is a balanced approach to exercise.

  • It Uses Exercises Specially Selected for the Unique PCOS Body Type

    Most programs are geared for a one-size fits all approach. Cysters have a unique body type that requires special combinations of exercises to get the best results.

  • It Only Uses Low-Impact Exercises

    Women with PCOS often struggle with joint pain and mobility issues. The exercises in this program are all low-impact, but are still effective for cysters.

  • It is Based on the Latest Metabolic Enhancing Scientific Research

    If you aren’t using exercises that have been tried and tested on cysters specifically, you are running the risk of not getting the results you desire. The exercises in this program are based on the latest research for best metabolic health.

  • It Only Uses Exercises that Serve a Functional Fitness Purpose

    If you are using exercises that do not mimic the way your body moves in everyday activities, you are missing out on one of the biggest benefits to exercise. Give your body the best exercises based on the way your body is designed…not because a machine says you need to do it a certain way. This program will help you be functionally fit.

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Who is Your Lose it, Cyster Coach?

Hey! It's Amber Keinath, the gal behind Lose it, Cyster.

You may know me as The PCOS Nurse where I empower fellow Cysters (like YOU!) to become strong, fit, and confident!

I’ve got 10+ years of experience in the health + wellness field with the last 9 years as a Registered Nurse. I also thought to throw a few years of experience as a Personal Trainer in there for good measure. My passion is all about creating a healthy YOU, Cyster!

I’ve had my insights + healthy living tips featured across various health news platforms + I have recently been listed as “Top Nurse to follow on Twitter” by Scrubs Magazine. I’ve also been labeled as “the complete nutrition + fitness for women package” + one woman called me “THE healthy lifestyle expert to watch this year”!

I've been working with cysters for over 7 years as I help them get fit, lose weight, and LOVE their bodies again.

I created Lose it, Cyster because -after surveying my Cyster Talk Community- tons of cysters said, "Teach me how to exercise so I can ACTUALLY see RESULTS, pleeeease!!"

I listened. I responded. I pulled together my very best tips, instructions, and exercises. This program is the result.

Amber Keinath

The PCOS Nurse

Here's what your fellow cysters are saying!

Here's what you get in this Lose it, Cyster Exercise Program!

Getting Started with Exercise for PCOS Guide

  • This guide is tailored made to answer all the questions you may have regarding exercising with PCOS. You will learn how much exercise is best, how to know if you are exercising at the right intensity, how to measure results, what equipment and time you will need to get the most out of the program, how to schedule the workouts, how to handle your workouts if you are short on time, and much more. This getting started guide will take the guesswork out of the program.

PCOS Exercise Training Manual

  • In this guide, I will walk you through the 5 part formula for combating PCOS with exercise. You will get the complete low down on how to put all the pieces together. You will get access to all the cardio, HIIT, strength training, recovery, and bonus workouts. This gives you the entire program set up in an easy to follow format…perfect for any ability level and for any cyster who is ready to get fit, lose weight, and love their bodies again.

Exclusive PCOS Printable Workout Trackers

  • Tracking progress is absolutely critical to your long-term success. Simple and easy-to-use, the printable workout trackers will allow you to keep track of exactly what you’re doing every workout so you can see your progress over time.

Exercise Demonstrations of ALL Workouts

  • Make sure you have proper and safe form with photo demonstrations of ALL exercises! Exercise modifications are also provided so you can adjust the workouts to meet your individual fitness level.

Complete Guide to Measuring Success with PCOS

  • All the printable worksheets to help you measure your progress from the beginning to the end of the program. Included are all the instructions on how to measure, what to measure, and how to determine what success means to you!

Printable Workout Calendar to Maximize Success

  • Maximize your success with this program by utilizing a full 30 Day Calendar. Know exactly what exercises to do and when to do them. Take the guesswork out of scheduling your workouts.


Access to the Exclusive Lose It, Cyster Community

  • No longer struggle through this PCOS alone. Rev up your SUCCESS with SUPPORT from me personally in the exclusive Lose It, Cyster Facebook Group. Join your fellow cysters for the BEST support + motivation you can get as you work through this program. I will also be there to help you along the way.

Time to LOVE Your Body, Again!

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You can be a Fit + Fabulous Cyster! It is TIME for you to see RESULTS! Let's DO THIS TOGETHER!

Get started today - here is what you get:

  • The Getting Started with Exercise for PCOS Guide
  • PCOS Exercise Training Manual
  • Exclusive PCOS Printable Workout Trackers
  • Exercise Demonstrations of All Workouts
  • Complete Guide to Measuring Success with PCOS
  • Printable Workout Calendar to Maximize Success
  • Access to the Exclusive Lose it, Cyster Community

PLUS - these amazing bonuses:

  • Bonus 1- My "Rules" to Live By for Balancing your Hormones
  • Bonus 2- Core Workout (+ Video Demonstration)!
  • Bonus 3- Tabata Style Workout to Boost your Metabolism

The Lose it, Cyster was the best decision I made. It was totally geared to my unique body type as a woman with PCOS. The support community was a total game changer! 

Sarah Green, Fort Worth, TX

This was the only workout program out there I could find specifically created around PCOS + how my body reacts differently to exercise. I was able to drop a dress size during the program + am still going strong!

Hayden Jackson, Milwaukee, WI

Ready to Get Started on the Lose it, Cyster Exercise Program?

ONLY $47 $29 TODAY!

Note: This is a digital download… Nothing is MAILED to you. You CAN download to all of your devices, including iphone/ipad and most other late model smartphones and tablets.  This is an instant download that you will receive a link to via email immediately after purchasing.  Download to your computer/tablet/phone.

The materials and content contained in this program are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Nothing has worked for me before. What makes this any different?

    A.I have been very strategic in what exercises and what order I have chosen for the workouts. It is all based on the leading research. It give you the minimum effective dose so you won’t over due it to send your hormones even more crazy, but will give you enough to see results. Plus, I will be with you in the the exclusive Facebook Group to answer any questions.

  • Q.What kind of workouts are included in this program?

    A.I use my 5 part formula for PCOS where I focus on an active lifestyle, recovery workouts, cardio workouts, HIIT workouts, and strength training workouts to give you a complete exercise regimen geared specifically for women with PCOS.

  • Q.How does this program work? Will anything be mailed to me?

    A.This is a completely digital download. Nothing will be mailed to you. The link to download the program will be sent to the email you provide. You can work at your own pace. Join the private community to connect with other cysters for support and motivation as you work through the program.

  • Q.What happens after the 30 Days?

    A.I provide a 30 day workout calendar to give you a schedule to follow as you adjust to this  new way of working out. If you would like to continue after the 30 days, you don’t need a whole new program. I provide directions in the getting started guide on how to expand the program into 60 or even 90 days.

  • Q.What if this program doesn't work for me?

    A.Due to the digital nature of this program, I cannot offer a full refund at this time. If you have completed the 30 day program + are not happy with your results, please send me an email or connect with me in the private Facebook group. I will help you adjust things as needed + provide direction on how you can get the results you desire. I am here for you + will help any way I can!

  • Q.I am considered obese. Will I be able to actually do these exercises?

    A.I have created all these exercises with the overweight or obese woman with PCOS in mind. I provide plenty of modifications you can use as needed. This program is not all or nothing. Start where you are comfortable + focus on working up to more challenging modifications. You can do this cyster!


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